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S box

For 1 baby hand

19,90  35,90 
M box

2 baby hands /
1 adult hand

49,90  65,90 
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L box

2 baby hands & feet /
2 adult hands

97,90  107,90 
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The package contains 120g of silicone powder and 320g of gypsum (white powder).

If you prepare the moulding compound with 23°C warm water, your child must hold still for 30 seconds. We therefore recommend you make the mould with children up to the age of 2 while they are sleeping or distracted.

The package contains white powder (gypsyum) - pure calcium sulphate and silicone powder.

One package is enough for two baby hands or for one adult hand, we recommend 3 packages for a sculpture of two adult hands.

You make and design the product by yourself.

The package contains plaster and silicone powder, but does not contain a container.

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